Bliss Counselling | Hiring
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Thank you for being so interested in joining the Bliss Team!


If you’re a therapist full of passion and desire to impact clients’ lives in new, progressive, and meaningful ways, let’s talk! We would love to hear from you.


At Bliss, we care deeply about bringing Kitchener-Waterloo the best, most dedicated therapists. We work hard and pride ourselves on being on our game as therapists and humans. We strive to continuously learn and evolve as we deepen our craft and challenge our personal growth. We bring top-notch care for our clients and are successful in private practice as a byproduct of our heartfelt and dedicated efforts. 


Our clients are the people that suffer in silence and dedicate themselves to continuous growth to make the most out of life. We help people deepen their understanding of self, cultivate greater satisfaction, heal old wounds, and live a life that feels full and meaning-filled. It’s AWESOME. We shake up the narrative of therapy and flip antiquated notions on its head as we push new limits and inspire our communities to deepen, heal, and progress in their beautiful lives.


Our therapists are called to do this work as a vocation rather than a job. We want to see our clients succeed in all ways, and we want to thrive along with them. We take pride in our clients, knowing we truly care about their lives and have the know-how to understand their story at a deep level. The foundation of this practice is Humanistic, meaning that we do not pathologize the human experience but rather aim to conceptualize our clients in a more holistic manner as we understand their way of being in the world. We believe that our best work is done when we are empowered to pursue our genuine passions. Our therapists gain immense support in helping them attain the right client fit within Bliss Counselling & Psychotherapy to bring best therapeutic results. It’s what transforms our clients’ lives and keeps our therapists well-fed on meaning and effectiveness.


In our therapy offices, you will find a comfortable and relaxed vibe that is non-judgmental and where we all strive to improve ourselves. We encourage creativity and foster the space for our clinicians to be their authentic selves in the workplace. Our team is composed of, hands down, the most loving and inspiring people on the planet. We work like a boss, Love our clients hard, and are supremely laid back and caring with one another on an interpersonal level. This is an amazing practice for people who have big ambition to make an impact but would instead make a larger scale difference as a part of a team than do it on their own (I mean, really, where’s the fun in that!). 


HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO APPLY AT THIS TIME: Mid career Registered Social Workers and/or Registered Psychotherapists looking to make an energizing shift in their vocation, those with interests in relationship therapy, sex therapy, and supporting folks navigating life transitions, stress and anxiety. 



  • Passionate about the art of therapy
  • Growth-mindset and dedicated to deepening their work professionally and personally (the learning never ends here)
  • Thorough graduate training, supervision, and clinical background including work with longterm individual psychotherapy
  • Ready and able to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to their craft working 24 client hours per week
  • Hard working, dedicated spirit
  • Must be Registered with the OCSWSSW or CRPO 
  • Highly interested in working with professionals and high achievers of truly diverse backgrounds in all ways
  • Outgoing and highly personable
  • Able to work either a few evenings a week, or weekend to accommodate our clientele’s needs


Check out our website for more information about our inclusive, sex-positive practice and the team!

Pay: $80.00-$110.00 per session, depending on your experience.

Please email: