Bliss Counselling | Lindsay Kenna
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Lindsay Kenna



Share your needs and desires with your partner. Having conversations about what turns each other on can be fun and exciting.
Keep in mind when working through an issue with your partner to stay in the present, set judgement aside, and practice empathy.
Stop being so hard on yourselves. Pressure and frustrations can do a number on relationships. Give yourselves a break! Make time to have fun, be silly, flirt a little, laugh, and enjoy being with each other again.
Separate the problem from yourself -- it does not define you. If the problem was gone, what would life be like? What can you do to change your situation so it is more like the one you want? Set some realistic goals and go after them!
Keep the fire burning! Give hugs, kiss each other, wrap your arms around their waist, hold hands, cuddle up to each other in bed, use your touch. Just because life may be crazy busy for you, doesn't mean you can't show one another love and affection.
Know what you need emotionally from your partner. Tell them what is important to you, what you value about your relationship, and how they can contribute. Don't forget to ask them what they need from you too! Remember, the more work you put into a relationship, the more you will get out of it.