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Self Care

30 Apr

12 Reasons It Might Be A Good Idea To See a Therapist

You’re having a hard time lately. And it’s even the little things that never used to bother you. You know you have a lot to be grateful for, and maybe like you should just “get over it,” but it’s not that easy. For most people, it’s tricky to know whether coming to therapy makes sense. So often people have so many positive things going on in their lives that signing up for therapy might feel like you’re admitting defeat or that...

19 Mar

Get Into Ginger

OK. OK. I’ve already lost some of you with the word ‘ginger’ — I know. I find ginger to be a lot like cilantro, either you love it or you really, really hate it. But I’m here to tell you that you should LOVE it, and IT will love you back! Ginger has been used in ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines for over 4,000 years to cure and treat a variety of conditions. Gingerol - the active oils found in ginger...

14 Mar

5 Energy Boosting Moves To Do Every Morning

Waking up early in the morning and getting your workout on may feel like a hard chore. These workouts can boost your mental and physical energy as well as promote a healthy frame of mind for the entire day. Waking up to morning workouts will help kick-start your metabolism, allowing you to burn tons of calories hours after your workout. Here are five energy boosting moves you should do every morning: Jumping Jacks Jumping jacks are a classic full-body, calorie-burning exercise. 10 minutes...

09 Feb

Meditation Has Changed My Life and the Very Sense of Who I Am

​​To imagine that one can ​survive horrible hospital stays, car accidents, ​multiple ​death​s​ of a loved ones, traumatic​ life​ situations and, yes, even insomnia by simply practicing meditation is a radical thought. We know that meditation has been around for thousands of years and practiced by people from all walks of life and on all parts of the globe , but there is one common myth about meditation, however, that often leads to a sense of failure and why people give up...

06 Dec

Avoidance versus Self-Care?

  You're at home watching your favourite TV show, when Netflix asks you the judgmental question: "Are you still watching?" (Yes, Netflix, This is Us brings me to tears every time and I need to know what happens next.) You realize that one episode turned into several, and more than a few hours have gone by. But, hey, what's wrong with a little relaxation and enjoyment during your time off? The answer is "nothing" if what you're doing is practicing self-care. However, what we...