Bliss Counselling | Sex Therapy
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Sex Therapy

Intimacy matters.

Bliss is a boutique private practice located in uptown Waterloo with a specialization in providing effective couples therapy and the confidential treatment of sexual concerns. Sexual connections should be a healthy, rewarding, and positive part of everyone’s life, but they can be stressful to navigate, and difficult to talk about. Whether you’re in an intimate relationship now that is challenged with a sexual hurdle or are an individual seeking to become more comfortable with your own sexuality and desires, sex therapy can help you overcome obstacles and find the fulfilling sexual life you desire and deserve.

Sex therapy is a highly specialized and confidential form of treatment for anyone seeking fulfillment in their sexual lives. Through the use of accurate sexuality education and interventions tailored to each client’s concerns, sex therapy can enhance the ways you love and experience pleasure. Together, we create the opportunities to explore what is pleasurable and exciting while leaving you feeling confident in yourself, your relationship and your body.

Some of the Most Common Reasons Individuals
and Intimate Partners Seek Sex Therapy

  • Affection and connection
  • Feelings of shame, overcoming negative sexual messaging and comfort embracing one’s sexuality
  • Difficulty communicating with sexual partners about sexual desires and needs
  • Discrepancy in sexual desire or preferences
  • Jealousy, rebuilding trust and recovery after infidelity
  • Challenges of parenthood and establishing an active sexual life after childbirth
  • Struggles around desire, romance, loss of attraction and sexual boredom
  • Spiritual and cultural influences
  • Sexual dysfunctions or inhibitions
  • Difficulty experiencing orgasm with sexual partners
  • Recovery from illness, surgery or cancer and the affects those treatments can have on your sexual functioning and health
  • Sexual health through life stages and relationship changes
  • Education and coping with sexually transmitted infections
  • Body image concerns interfering with sexual expression
  • Menopausal symptoms interfering with sexual expression
  • Healing from past sexual abuse or trauma
  • Stress and anxiety around performance and expectations
  • Erectile problems, including difficulty maintaining erections or rapid ejaculation
  • Physical pain during or after sexual intercourse, including vaginismus and dyspareunia

Sex therapy centred around intimate partners often intersects with relationship therapy and couples counselling. Learn more about Relationship Therapy.

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We work with couples, families and relationships of all configurations. Bliss is an inclusive practice that welcomes a diversity of relationship models, both those that fit into traditional norms and those that break the mould.

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy or counselling using clinical skills to assess and treat non-medical factors that contribute to sexual issues. Physical and emotional difficulties in functioning can challenge our sexual expression.

Working with a Certified Sexologist will help you to develop and enhance your sexual authenticity. Sex therapists assess performance anxiety, trauma, intimacy, sexual dysfunction, and sexual attitudes that may interfere with healthy sexuality. A sexologist may also evaluate potential relationship dynamics associated with sexual issues. By exploring the root of the issue with a therapist a treatment plan will be developed, which will empower you to take control.

Tools and resources will be developed to change your current environments, change automatic negative thought patterns and promote psychologically healthier patterns of living, restoring one’s sexuality as a source of joy, sensuous pleasure and connection.

If you live in Waterloo, Kitchener, or Cambridge and you think Sex Therapy could help you, call or e-mail Bliss to book an appointment or a free consultation at 226-647-6000 or

Treatment involves a range of therapeutic processes and exercises, which may include:

  • Education and information around anatomy
  • Erotic intelligence
  • Sexual skills or techniques
  • Sensate focus or play assignments
  • Understanding emotional factors
  • Resolving personal conflicts